Saturday, 2 June 2012

The journey begins

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and today we've taken those first baby steps.  After a very long flight to Colombo we've started meeting with architects, designers and industry experts to learn and to evaluate our ideas and to try and put some framework around the dream we have in our heads and our hearts.

It's been a huge learning curve.  We've learnt about archaic laws, the cost of materials, novel approaches to architecture and more.  What has amazed us the most is how willing people are to spend time with us, talking to us, offering us advice and suggestions, and in every case sharing with us the wisdom they have gained from experience.  We've had Chief Operating Officers of very large companies willingly give us time and suggestions, and encourage us to pursue our dream, while giving us practical advice and tips to follow.  Meeting after meeting we've been blown away by the support and generosity of people we've never met to share with us, and to encourage us in our dreams.

Now the challenge begins to make a decision and to move forward.  But more on that tomorrow.


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